Attorney Profile

Robby EvansMr. Evans is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. He is an experienced courtroom attorney currently engaged in a general litigation practice throughout Louisiana. With a Juris Doctor and a Masters in Business Administration from Loyola University, Mr. Evans is uniquely situated to assist clients with complex corporate issues both in and out of the courtroom.

Mr. Evans has extensive experience in contract negotiations, commercial and residential leases, corporate transactions and reorganizations, as well as business formation and management. He is able to advise clients on the different types of business entities, getting started, entering into contracts and contract negotiations. Further, in the unfortunate event that a contract is broken, Mr. Evans spends a major percentage of his time in both federal and state courts dealing with commercial litigation, from the simple to the complex.

A number of his clients are businesses who find themselves subject to continuous litigation, various collection issues, reorganizations, evictions, or other internal issues which require the advice of counsel. Additionally, Mr. Evans has assisted several clients who have been subject to unfair trade practices and who have been a party to a contract that has been broken. Even if you are not a business, Mr. Evans may be able to help. He has represented several individuals in seeking relief for damages sustained from defective products and construction, and accidents which have left clients permanently impaired.

Although Mr. Evans is prepared to take any matter “all the way,” trial is not always the answer or the desire of the client. Every attempt will be made to reach fair settlements within a reasonable period of time, prior to expending large amounts of money.

Mr. Evans has been admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court. He is a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association, the New Orleans Bar Association, the Jefferson Bar Association, the Federal Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Bar Association, Defense Research Institute, and the Louisiana Trial Lawyers Association. Mr. Evans is a member of the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce, and the American Inns of Court. Additionally, Mr. Evans is a fellow of the Institute of Politics.